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                  Brief Introduction of China Coated Asphalt Market in 2023

                  What is coated asphalt?

                  Coated asphalt is a kind of surface modification treatment agent for graphite materials. After carbonization, amorphous carbon coating layer is obtained to modify the holes, grooves, cracks and other defects in graphite, and improve the electrochemical reversible capacity and cycle performance of the material. Coated asphalt is mainly used in lithium ion secondary battery graphite anode coating material and carbon products binder and other fields, but also a variety of high-performance, high value-added asphalt based carbon materials production raw materials.

                  Main applications of coated asphalt:

                  As a negative electrode coating material, it is used in the production and processing of lithium battery negative electrode material to improve the performance and life of the battery.

                  As a waterproof material, it is used for waterproof treatment of roofs, basements, underground garages, tunnels, Bridges and other parts in construction projects to enhance the durability and safety of buildings.

                  As a raw material to prepare spherical activated carbon and other functional materials, such as carbon fiber, carbon nanotubes, etc., to expand the application field of new materials.

                  Asphalt coated raw materials:

                  Coal tar pitch, a by-product of coking, has high carbon content and low ash content, which is suitable for the preparation of high performance asphalt based carbon materials.

                  Petroleum bitumen, a residue after distillation of crude oil, has a lower sulfur content and a higher softening point and is suitable for the preparation of high-temperature stable coated bitumen.

                  Natural asphalt is a natural cement stored underground or on the surface. It has high aromaticity and low oxygen content and is suitable for the preparation of high capacity coated asphalt.

                  A brief description of China's coated asphalt market in 2023 is as follows:

                  Market size: According to the forecast of Xinyue information in 2023, the global output of negative electrode materials is expected to be 1.8 million tons, and the demand for coated asphalt is expected to be 106,000 tons, an increase of 28%, accounting for 95% of the global demand.

                  Market structure: The artificial graphite field is still the main consumption area of coated asphalt, and the growth of demand for fast charging materials and the growth of negative production of natural graphite will drive the use of coated asphalt materials.

                  What are the factors affecting the price of coated asphalt

                  Types of raw materials: Different types of raw materials, such as asphalt, coal asphalt, petroleum asphalt, etc., have different prices, which affect the cost of coated asphalt.

                  Product performance: Different properties of coated asphalt, such as viscosity, softening point, ash, quinoline insoluble matter, etc., the price is different, affecting the quality of coated asphalt and application effect.

                  Product brand: Different brands of coated asphalt, such as domestic, imported, well-known, niche, etc., the price is different, affecting the market recognition and credibility of coated asphalt.

                  Manufacturer pricing strategy: Different manufacturers of coated asphalt, according to their own costs, profits, market demand and other factors, to develop different pricing strategies, affecting the market competitiveness of coated asphalt and supply and demand balance.

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