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                  Positions Availiable!

                  Recently, our company is sincerely recruiting foreign trade sales personnel in the established Shenyang office, with preferential treatment. We hope that interested individuals can join our team!

                  Please refer to the following information for specific recruitment content:

                                                          Job responsibilities

                  1. Responsible for the development and maintenance of overseas clients; Collaborate with sales team members to achieve the sales goals set by the company.

                  2. Expand new customers (mainly overseas), implement and achieve personal sales plans and sales figures.

                  3. Conduct market research on negative electrode materials in the lithium battery industry, collect, organize, and analyze information, promote products, and negotiate business and cooperation with customers.

                  4. Handle various inquiries from overseas customers, organize and archive materials and customer related information.

                  5. Assist the supervising manager in carrying out the department's foreign trade business and handle related work.

                  6. Participate in various exhibitions and be responsible for the landing and development of the company's brand in overseas markets.

                  7. Organize relevant meetings (online and offline) to negotiate business face-to-face with customers.

                  8. Coordinate the work liaison between Sales Department 2 and other departments of the company.

                  9. Complete other tasks assigned by company leaders.

                                                          Personnel requirements

                  1. Having a college degree or above; International trade, foreign language, sales related majors are preferred.

                  2. Possess excellent written and oral English expression skills.

                  3. Familiar with foreign trade and order management processes, with solid basic knowledge in related fields; Having at least one year of experience in foreign trade business or related fields in the lithium battery industry is preferred.

                  4. Familiar with the operation of online trading platforms B2B, Alibaba, Made in China, and Global Resources, with experience in participating in overseas exhibitions; Has good experience in developing and finding clients.

                  5. Strong ability in foreign business negotiation, familiar with import and export business processes.

                  6. Has a strong entrepreneurial and team spirit, works diligently, has a strong sense of responsibility, and has a strong ability to withstand pressure.

                  7. Proficient in using various office software. (Word, Excel, PPT, Skype, etc.).

                  8. Having a good sense of professionalism and professional ethics.

                  Interested parties, please contact our HR department at 0411-39183177. Or send an email to: hg@hglcn.com

                  Positions Availiable!(圖1)

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