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                  Advantages Of Graphite Anode Materials In Energy Storage

                  Graphite has high electrical conductivity and reversible lithium insertion capacity, and is widely used in the field of energy storage....

                  Time:2023-10-30 Read More

                  Anode Material Silicon Carbon vs Graphite

                  Silicon-carbon and graphite materials are commonly used as anode materials in lithium-ion batteries, and both have their own...

                  Time:2023-10-24 Read More

                  The company has completed the development of enterprise standards

                  The enterprise standard for "Graphite Negative Electrode Materials for Lithium Ion Batteries" has been completed by...

                  Time:2020-01-12 Read More

                  Silicon Anode Material Market Potential and Business Opportunities

                  Silicon-based anode materials have attracted much attention from the lithium battery industry, effectively improving the capacity and energy density of lithium batteries....

                  Time:2023-09-21 Read More

                  ?Are You Looking For A Reliable Graphite Powder Manufacturer?

                  Finding a trustworthy supplier for high-quality anode material graphite can be a challenging task. The market is filled with...

                  Time:2023-09-14 Read More

                  Shanxi Juneng New Material Annual Output Of 3k Tons Of Li Battery Anode Material Phase I Project

                  Shanxi Juneng New Material Technology Co., Ltd. invested in the construction of an annual output of 30,000 tons of lithium ba...

                  Time:2023-09-12 Read More

                  Future Prospects of Anode

                  This article will explore the current status of negative electrode materials and their potential future trends....

                  Time:2023-08-29 Read More

                  The Overseas Project Was Approved By The Provincial Bureau F.E.A.

                  The overseas R&D team project undertaken by Liaoning Hongguang Technology (Group) Co., Ltd. has been approved by Liaoning Pro...

                  Time:2020-04-10 Read More

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